Daily Defense Grass Fed Whey Protein Shake

Daily Defense Grass Fed Whey Protein Shake
Daily Defense Grass Fed Whey Protein Shake
Daily Defense Grass Fed Whey Protein Shake

Daily Defense is the single best nutritional supplement you can take for health and well-being. It contains powerful nutrients like New Zealand Whey Protein, multivitamins, probiotics and digestive enzymes in a great-tasting, all-in-one shake. No sugar, Gluten-Free, No GMOs.

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Made in USA
  • Delicious tasting all-in-one protein supplement
  • Less than one gram of sugar
  • Choose from rich chocolate or creamy vanilla
  • All natural – no artificial sugars, sweeteners or ingredients
  • Gluten free, corn free, soy protein free, egg free
  • Hormone free, antibiotic free, grass fed whey protein
  • Cold processed to preserve nutritional density
  • Costs less per day than a cup of coffee

PROTECTION AGAINST A TOXIC WORLD "Best tasting protein powder we have tried! We have tried a dozen or more different protein powders. Love that it uses New Zealand grass-fed whey protein. It is a quality product that The Drs Wolfson should be proud of!!" Tom and Marianna Muscio – July 11, 2019

For years we looked everywhere for an all-in-one nutritional supplement for protection against a toxic world.

The world is a polluted place. Pollutants damage your body and lead to disease. 1000's of studies prove it.

In our search for a powerful supplement, we weren't satisfied with what we found. That's why we decided to develop Daily Defense.

Daily Defense is an all-in-one nutritional shake mix that is your weapon to fight environmental toxicity.

Daily Defense promotes a strong immune system. It boosts your energy, your strength and your focus.

Here's what make it so special…

It gives you the protein you need in a great tasting shake. Chocolate or Vanilla flavors. It's clean, grass-fed (no grains) whey protein from New Zealand, the world's finest source of protein. No hormones. No antibiotics. No GMO feed. Everything is pure and natural. Daily Defense gives you the nutrients you need be healthy and live your best life.

We process our whey protein differently than most others. Our whey protein is cold processed which allows it to maintain its pure nutritional density without damaging micronutrients and amino acids. This helps Daily Defense bring its maximum biological value to you.

Whey protein is the single best source of protein available. Studies prove it.

Daily Defense also won't leave you feeling bloated like other protein shakes. It's easy to digest. We included digestive enzymes, prebiotics and probiotics for good gut health (70% of diseases start in the gut, which is why we added this protection). Daily Defense will not cause digestive stress.

There is no added sugar in Daily Defense. Monk fruit is used as a sweetener There's no stevia, no GMOs and no artificial fillers.

Daily Defense contains the best components of a multivitamin to offset common nutritional deficiencies created by our environment.

And because the environment and day-to-day living puts our bodies under constant attack, we've included more than one dozen antioxidants and detoxification boosters to get pollutants out of your system.

Daily Defense has been formulated and made to our rigorous standards. And best of all – it tastes great and costs about the same as a cup of coffee served by a local barista.

Order Daily Defense today. It provides a tasty solution to boost your immune system while protecting you against the dangers of a toxic world.

If you try Daily Defense and do not like it, send it back to us within 30 days for a full refund.

This is a high impact way to improve your health. Try it today!

Daily Defense Whey Protien Shake Nutritional Label

The Drs. Wolfson Daily Defense Whey Protien Shake Daily Use We love this easy to mix powder with water, nut milk or water. Dr. Jack loves to add it to his morning smoothie blend. We start off the day with it so have plenty of energy and focus all day long. Our kids love it too. Natural Organic Lifestyle Optimize Your Use Make the most of Daily Defense by eating only organic foods, getting proper sleep and hydration, avoiding toxic personal care and household cleaning products, managing stress and exercising daily.  This easy-to-mix powder goes perfectly in smoothies, water or juice at anytime of day. It's an especially great way to start off the day for an energy boost all day long. We like to just add it to a glass of cold water and sip!

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Linda K.
United States United States

Daily Defense

Great taste. I mix it with extra Potassium, and CalMag

Mark H.
United States United States

Great Product

I have been drinking Daily Defense every day for 3 years. I’m convinced that it has helped me stay healthy and increases my energy level.

Karin M.
United States United States

Great Breakfast

I love both flavors of Daily Defense. The chocolate one I mix with chocolate collagen and almond butter and it lasts me for a good 6 hours til dinner. Seems to be helping me stay out of afib.

Tina N.
United States United States

Daily Defense - Yum!

I love the Vanilla flavor of Daily Defense. I drink it as a meal alternative and sometimes in the evenings when I get the craving for something sweet - I’ll substitute Daily Defense in place of ice cream! Works great for mixing with Cardio Greens, Blueberries, Raspberries, Ground Flax Seed, Chia Seeds, Coconut flakes. It’s not heavy and I actually feel good after drinking it. Definite thumbs up!

United States United States

My Daily Delight

I love both flavors of Daily Defense and having two kinds gives variety for breakfast. There are so many great ingredients in this that I can be assured that my needs are being met with a great tasting, easy to use shake mix.

Steve C.
United States United States

Great service and delivery always

I have made many purchases and all of them have been expertly packed and delivered safely and when expected. The Wolfson team has been available by phone when I had a question or had to change an order. I get progress emails so I know what is going on. Great job!

Debbie Y.
United States United States

By far best protein drink

Way you go Dr's Wolfson! Best tasting, best sourcing of ingredients and best pricing! Debbie Yin

rocky k.
United States United States

Why did you stop my auto ship?

Why did you stop my auto ship? Please resume soonest. 3121 sleepy hollow rd falls church va 22042

Joel S.
United States United States

Daily Defense Does The Trick

Not only does Dairy Defense enhance immunity and overall wellness, the taste and consistency makes for a great way to start a nutritional day.

Johanna B.
United States United States

Daily defense

This is much more than a protein shake, I took a whole tub before overcoming my detox symptoms. Great product, I love it.

Edward G.
United States United States

Great product

I take it after my hit workouts. Has everything our body’s need for good health. Tastes great too.

Laura P.
United States United States

My All Time Favorite!

I have been using this product since it came out and I love it! My favorite is the chocolate, which I mix up in my NutriBullet every morning. I add ice, organic coconut water, two scoops of Daily Defense and sometimes add a piece of frozen banana. Turns out so tasty and healthy! You should definitely make this part of your daily routine!

Catherine H.
United States United States

Daily Defense

Great, as always. Thank you for providing such a high quality product!

Kathy S.
United States United States


Love it! I also take the green drink, feel great.

Everett H.
United States United States

Vanilla Daily Defense

I love this product as it tastes great and dissolves in water or grass fed beef milk for a great morning drink after a workout.

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