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Coming Soon! - Wide Awake Vaccination Seminar DVD Packet

The Drs Wolfson
To Hold Back!

If you missed our "Wide Awake" Seminar, you have a chance to get your hands on our special DVD Pack with exclusive BONUS Offers. In a couple of days, we will be launching something special for you that will let you in on the proof that our government and BIG Pharma are working together to "IGNORE" our health, even "Killing" our babies!

They just want to make a HUGE profit!

Listen to The Drs Wolfson; "Why" they are so mad and
"Why" you should be too. 


Its so important to get the word out to millions of people nationwide about the lies we have been told regarding vaccinations and what its doing to us. We want to provide you with our exclusive and limited DVD package including our "Wide Awake Seminar" and a special Introduction video from Dr. Roby Mitchell; DR FITT. 

This DVD will be physical proof of what you see and hear is "The Truth". You can add it to your library and arsenal of ammunition you can use as a part of our Army of supporters and rise up against these injustices that are literally "Killing" our babies!

In this DVD we will be highlighting everything that we want to inform you, not to scare you, but to make you aware and share..."Scream It To The Rooftops!", says Dr. Heather Wolfson. 

However, we need your help. We are close to releasing this DVD and make it available to you, but we CANNOT get this information out as fast and wide as YOU can! And guess what, we will reward you for it. 

Share our email and in a few days, we will give you an opportunity to get our DVD at a savings!



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