AFib Foundation Protocol

AFib Foundation Protocol

The AFib Foundation Protocol from The Drs. Wolfson offers natural solutions to treat atrial fibrillation. Includes 1 bottle of our MULTI, Omega DHA, Heart Helpers, Daily Greens, Superfood, Heart Beet and 2 bottles of Daily Defense. One month supply.

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WHAT YOU WILL GET WITH THE AFIB FOUNDATION PROTOCOL MULTI - MULTIVITAMIN FOUNDATION TO A HEALTHY SUPPLEMENT PROGRAM green checkmark Promotes overall health and strengthens your immune system. green checkmark Multivitamins may help protect against viral infections.
green checkmark Supports healthy aging and muscle strength.
green checkmark Helps detoxify your body.
OMEGA DHA OMEGA-3 IS ESSENTIAL TO HEALTH green checkmark Supports immune function. 
green checkmark Provides nutrients to cell membrane.
green checkmark Boosts cognitive function and healthy brain development.
green checkmark Great for those who don't eat much seafood. 
HEART HELPERS PROBIOTIC TWO IN ONE PROBIOTIC FOR GUT AND HEART HEALTH green checkmark Ideal for digestive health and immune support. green checkmark 10 doctor selected strains with 25 billion CFU.
green checkmark Requires no refrigeration and lasts up to 18 months at room temperature.
green checkmark Great for adults and children. No gluten, dairy, wheat or allergens.
DAILY GREENS DRINK SUPPORT FOR THE ENTIRE BODY green checkmark Nutrient dense, gluten-free, plant-based supplement that boosts your immune system. green checkmark Supports healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
green checkmark Contains powerful antioxidants to support detoxification.
green checkmark Delivers nutrients from sea vegetables
HEART BEET POWDER SUPPORTS NITRIC OXIDE PRODUCTION green checkmark Heart Beet is an organic beetroot-based powder containing a unique blend of beetroot, beet and carrot juices, raw organic spinach leaf and raw organic kale sprout concentrate sourced from the best organic farms. green checkmark Ideal for supporting nitric oxide production, healthy blood pressure levels, healthy circulation and increased energy levels.
green checkmark Purity you can trust. Third party tested for specific levels of dietary nitrate and other key nutrients for heavy metals and other impurities.
green checkmark 100% organic! No soy, no dairy, no yeast, no gluten, no additives.
SUPERFOOD SUPPORTS HEALTHY CHOLESTEROL, BLOOD PRESSURE AND IMMUNE SYSTEM green checkmark Packed with amino acids and beta-carotene. green checkmark 50% Organic spirulina and 50% Organic cracked-cell chlorella.
green checkmark Assists in hepatic detoxification.
green checkmark Supports heavy metal detoxification.
DAILY DEFENSE (Two Bottles) SINGLE BEST SUPPLEMENT FOR HEALTH AND WELL BEING green checkmark Supplies antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories. green checkmark Boosts glutathione and contains amino acids to fight viruses. 
green checkmark All natural – no sugar, artificial sweeteners or artificial ingredients green checkmark Comes in delicious chocolate or vanilla flavors

MULTI- 2 capsules 2 times per day with food.

Omega DHA- 2 capsules per day with food.

Heart Helpers- 1 capsule per day with or without food.

Daily Greens, Superfood, HeartBeet- 1 tsp of each per day in water.

Daily Defense- 2 scoops per day with water or nut milk.

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If you are about healthy living vs pill popping after you beat your body down, this is your place! He is a great doctor, very straight forward, smart, funny, and he really cares about his patients.

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