Paleo Multi Organ Complex **SPECIAL!!**

Paleo Multi Organ Complex **SPECIAL!!**
Paleo Multi Organ Complex **SPECIAL!!**

Organ meats like heart, liver and kidney are nutritional powerhouses, yet most people don't eat them. That's why we developed Paleo Multi – our specially blended combination of young organ meats. Grass-fed liver, heart, kidney, pancreas and more. Buy 2 bottles of Paleo MULTI, get 1 free. No special code on check out required. Just buy 2 and we will send one more bottle for FREE. If you buy 4 bottles, we will send an extra 3 for free. That is saving over $100!

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Buy 2 bottles get 1 free.   
Buy 4 bottles, get 3 free. That is saving over $100!
No special code on check-out required, the extra bottles will be added to your shipment. Does not apply to subscription orders.

Paleo Multi Benefits: 
Neonatal products are the freshest anywhere and are known for purity. 


Grass fed liver – Nature's most important source of vitamin A. Also rich in iron and B-12. Supports liver health and energy levels and assists with metabolism. 

Grass fed heart – Nature's richest source of CoQ10. Helps promote heart health and healthy blood circulation. 

Grass fed spleen – Supports a strong immune system and the health of our blood cells. Great source of heme iron. 

Grass fed pancreas – Great source of enzymes to aid in digestion. 

Grass fed kidney – Assist in detoxification and acts as an antioxidant defense system. Great source of naturally occurring selenium and B12. 

Grass fed thymus – Supports healthy immune system function. 

Grass fed lung – Promotes healthy lung function. 

Grass fed intestine – Assists in promoting healthy gastrointestinal function.


Propriety Blend of Freeze Dried Neonatal Grass Fed Beef/Lamb Organs – 1100mg.

  • Neonatal Spleen (raw) (bovine)
  • Neonatal Heart (raw) (bovine)
  • Neonatal Liver (raw) (bovine)
  • Neonatal Kidney (raw) (bovine)
  • Neonatal Pancreas (raw) (bovine)
  • Neonatal Lung (raw) (bovine)
  • Neonatal Thymus (raw) (bovine)
  • Lamb Intestine (raw) (bovine)
  • Neonatal Adrenal Complex Concentrate (raw) (bovine)  

Suggested Use 
Chew or swallow three tablets daily. 

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Catherine S.
United States United States
Paleo multi ***** complex

Excellent - thank you for providing your high quality supplements!

Everett H.
United States United States
Paleo Multi ***** Complex

Good product and excellent service.

Everett H.
United States United States
Paleo Multi ***** Complex

This product continues to be an important part of my daily cardiac care to continued improvement.

Everett H.
United States United States
Paleo Multi ***** Complex

I like this complex as it is easy to swallow and helps me feel refreshed in the afternoon.

Dustin S.
United States United States
Paleo multi ***** complex

I discovered Dr Wolfson while listening to Kevin Rutherford on Sirius xm. I learned the importance of eating ***** meats, and this supplement is great to take in the morning with my nutrient dense coffee! Thank you Dr Wolfson!

Peggy B.
United States United States
The only way:)

I truly don’t notice anything physical since taking them but ‘everyone’ says we need ***** meats and I’m definitely NOT going to be eating those so this is a wonderful alternative. My doctor was pleased to see I’d added them to my supplements.

Everett H.
United States United States
Paleo Multi

I really feel the benefits of the Paleo Multi as I feel more energy and better balance in my decision making.

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If you are about healthy living vs pill popping after you beat your body down, this is your place! He is a great doctor, very straight forward, smart, funny, and he really cares about his patients.

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