Comprehensive Protocol Phase Five

Comprehensive Protocol Phase Five

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To begin at Month Eight of the 9-month Protocol.


(not required for the 5-month protocol)


Phase 5 provides potent blends of herbs in tincture and supplement form, designed to encourage lymphatic drainage, optimize immune system function, promote systemic detoxification, and support the gut microbiome.* It consists of IS-BAB, IS-BART, IS-BOOST, IS-BORR, and LymphActiv.


Note: The liquid tincture format of the IS-line promotes faster absorption and maximum potency, as well as allows for customized dosing. As a concentrated tincture, the IS-line has higher potency than capsules. For those who are sensitive, it’s recommended to start with a low dose, gradually working up to the recommended daily dose.


Phase 5 fortifies the immune system with a series of potent herbal formulas designed to work deep within the body. It also renews efforts to support lymphatic function and drainage.




DOSING NOTES: For those who are sensitive, it’s recommended to introduce one product at a time in the order listed on the dosing chart. If there is any CT-Minerals leftover from Phase 3, continue taking them during this phase until the bottle is finished.


The Comprehensive Protocol is an extensive approach to supporting detoxification,
intended for patients/clients who are looking to address their health at the root level
and require increased gut and immune support.* Completing the protocol over a
nine to ten month period provides the body with sufficient time (and nutrients) to promote system balance through detoxification.*


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