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In Home Water Revival System

In Home Water Revival System

$ 1,995.00

The Drs. Wolfson Approved Quality Drinking Water!

Fluoride Free  | 100% Contaminant Free

The water you drink is one of the most important components to good health.

Unfiltered tap water is harmful to your health. Plastic bottled water is expensive and full of PLASTIC. So get an in-home water revival system from The Drs. Wolfson.

It’s a highly affordable way to get the quality drinking water you need for great health. It is cost-effective and convenient.

This water revival system is made by Pristine, as part of their Hydro brand. The system re-mineralizes, restructures and recharges water for amazing health benefits. No impurities. No contaminants.

All Pristine Hydro’s Water Revival Units produce 100% acid and contaminant free pristine water with a TDS of 60 PPM, that has a high magnesium bicarbonate content, with traces of calcium, sodium, and chloride bicarbonates.

  • BPA-free, non-toxic materials and components
  • Approximately two years until first filter change
  • Makes up to 10 gallons of water per day
  • Precision Water Saver Filters
  • Includes counter-top mounted faucet
  • Two-gallon pressurized diaphragm tank
  • Requires plumber/handyman installation
  • Comes with TDS Meter to check the quality of the water (filter-life)

Get yours today, or call our office at 480-535-6844.


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