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20 Minute Phone Conversation

$ 500.00

Do you have questions about REAL health and wellness? Were you diagnosed with a medical condition and looking for a holistic approach?  Let's talk about it.  We can discuss your concerns, your history, previous testing, your lifestyle and come up with a plan.  My staff will call you to arrange the phone or Skype call.  Our conversation is for information only. I am not providing medical consultation to you....

5-MTHF 1mg 60

$ 19.47

1mg 60


$ 475.00

Grow your practice with in-office or in-public presentations about health and wellness. This packet of six different PowerPoint presentations on wellness topics can really help grow your practice. Modify them as you wish and use them to gain new patients right away. 1) Paleo Nutrition 2) Cholesterol Is King 3) Leaky Gut 4) Hypertension 5) Diabetology 6) The Irregular Heart Beat You also get the video recordings of me...


$ 42.00


Adult Cold and Flu Kit

$ 179.00

Get prepared for cold and flu season with the all-natural Adult Cold and Flu Prevention Kit from The Drs. Wolfson. Instead of the flu vaccine, this kit features proven immune system boosters to fight off the common cold and flu to keep you feeling great. And best of all – they won’t harm your body. This adult flu and cold prevention kit contains these immune system boosters ALONG with...



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