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Home and Office Air Purifier

$ 715.00

This home and office air purifier made by Austin uses medical grade HEPA filters and activated carbon for the finest in air filtration. Called the HealthMate Plus, it's easy to use and highly effective at removing dangerous chemicals and VOCs. Breathe fresh air with the special Austin 360-degree air intake system and 4-step activated carbon filtration system. Free Shipping!   FREE SHIPPING | Top Rated Air Purifier | 360...

Water Filtration and Revival System

$ 1,795.00 $ 1,995.00

The water you drink is one of the most important components to good health. Get the best water possible with an in-home water revival filtration system from The Drs. Wolfson. This system re-mineralizes, restructures and recharges water for amazing health benefits. No impurities. No contaminants. 100% acid free with a TDS of 60 PPM, that has a high magnesium bicarbonate content.  Questions? Contact our health coach at 100% Acid...

Bedroom Air Purifier

$ 845.00

The Wolfson family has 3 of these running 24/7. ***Free shipping*** This bedroom air purifier made by Austin is consistently rated as the best bedroom air purifier available. It captures gasses and particles at the nano size level, as the special 5 stage filter process effectively rids the air of environmental pollutants. Covers a 1500 square foot area. 5-year warranty. Very low maintenance. Plug and go design. Made in...

The Vielight 810 Infrared (Brain)

$ 499.00

The Vielight 810 is a non-laser intranasal light therapy model. Engineered for gentle brain stimulation, this device complements the systemic effects of the Vielight 633 and 655. The 810nm near infrared wavelength enables photonic transmission past the intranasal channel to the deep ventral brain areas. Neurons are well-suited for photobiomodulation because they contain mitochondria. Before and after QEEG images show the Vielight 810 inducing restorative activity in the brain per 25-minute session. Our...

The Vielight 633

$ 299.00

The Vielight 633 Red releases non-coherent cold light with a wavelength of 633nm in the visible red spectrum, powered by a managed dosage of energy controlled by circuitry. The 633nm wavelength is ideal for blood irradiation, due to its length in the electromagnetic spectrum. The nasal cavity is rich with blood capillaries, there are more capillaries per cm2 than most organs of the body. Five arteries connect to the nasal...



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